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Seoul — The Best Place to Live Using an Oji-Ojirga

In South Korea, a officetel (Korean, a portmanteau of»office» and»hotel»), is usually a multi-use construction with commercial and residential units based on its own floors. That is frequently a sort of studio flat. An officetel is specially supposed to be an entirely self-contained unit, so that its residents can actually live and work in the… (читать далее)

Studio Apartment — Home Away from Home

An studio flat, also known as an independent flat plus a selfcontained apartment, dining area, efficacy flat or bachelor Pad, is typically a space at which the usual functions of numerous chambers including the kitchen, living room, and bed room have been united into one area. This can be than a normal small flat building…. (читать далее)

How To Talk About Apartments And Rent

A flat, or flat complex, can be quite a device that fills up merely some of the bigger construction, commonly on a single grade. The word»apartment» may also be used when referring to apartment structures. You can find several common names for this structures, read below for a short list. Buildings that are most popular… (читать далее)

Converting a Studio Condominium

A studio would be the artist or livelihood of somebody working from one area. This may be to the sole purpose of artwork, architecture, painting, art, furniture (ceramic, oak, teak, walnut, cherry), sculptures, blossom, photography, fine arts, movie, audio, television or electronic artwork. The term»studio» is sometimes used at a collective means to describe the… (читать далее)

The Very Best Places To Receive Your Fantasy Flat

An officetel, also known as a professional or even a miniature office, is usually a small construction with only residential and/or industrial units located inside it. This type of home Is the Most popular in Countries Such as South Korea and also the Usa. In different countries like Switzerland, you can find officetel that are… (читать далее)

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