Value-added Merchandise From Beekeeping. Chapter 3

The stimulative effect of pollen and its attainable improvement of food conversion in people in addition to animals, should be of particular interest to those who’ve an unbalanced or deficient weight loss plan. There are not any hard scientific knowledge to back up this information, however a detailed examine might present large potential benefit to a very large portion of human society. The one serious problem with incorporating pollen in foods like sweet bars, sweets, desserts, breakfast cereals, tablets and even honey is the widespread allergic susceptibility of individuals to pollen from a large variety of species (see 3.10).

While pine tree allergy is relatively unusual, there are two fundamental allergens of concern that come from pine timber: pine nuts and pine pollen. Pine nuts (pignoli) are the edible seeds of sure species of pine trees, and are used in a wide range of foods, water soluble pearl powder together with Italian pesto. Pine nut consumption has elevated attributable to its use in the Mediterranean weight loss program. Pine pollen is produced when the bushes reproduce in the springtime. It is feasible for pollen to journey very lengthy distances within the air.

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