Flat Payment Digital Mediation With An Experienced Divorce Mediator, Starting At $900.00

— It matches your time and your schedule, not that of others.

— You possibly can meet with me from anyplace — Residence, Office, Your Car …. anywhere there is a telephone or internet access or both.

— It even works when it’s impossible for couples to be in the identical room as one another.

— You will obtain clear simple instructions along the best way of how one can participate in our Virtual Mediation.

Most Americans are shocked at the numerous tens of 1000’s of dollars it could actually take to get a divorce mediation orange county ca. In my experience, a contested divorce will be anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 for the typical couple in San Diego County. (This figure is based on the averages I’ve seen in my private apply back after i used to litigate.)

In contrast to a mediated divorce, the average complete price of a litigated divorce in Tallahassee, FL, during which each facet retains his or her own legal professional, is roughly $50,000 that is $25,000 for each occasion. On the upper end of the spectrum, in instances with contentious events who strategy their divorce as adversaries and/or have complicated financial child custody and support points that cannot be resolved between the events with out significant courtroom intervention, litigation prices simply reach $100,000 or extra.

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