Real Estate — He Is Donald Trump And You Are Not

Perhaps my personal favorite one of all, though, is that Joe isn’t even his real mention. His real name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher. Ha! If you have has ever lived in «flyover» country, it is typical for tourists to use their middle names as their first.

OBAMA: Nobody talked about attacking Pakistan. Here’s what i said. And in case John to be able to disagree with this, the guy can let me know, that, if the united states has al Qaeda, bin Laden, top-level lieutenants in sights, and Pakistan can’t or unwilling to act, then we should take them out. Now, I think that’s obtaining strategy; Think that’s appropriate policy. And, John, I—you’re absolutely right that presidents have end up being prudent as to what they speak. But, you know, coming from you, who, you know, in the past has threatened extinction for North Korea and, you know, sung songs about bombing Iran, I don’t know, you know, how credible is actually.

Imagine a person the owner, and a part of a strong, experienced management team to buy a 12 year old, stable, fairly sizeable network marketing company. You are somehow rrn a position to present your wares to globally recognized, business media mogul Trump himself.

Or in addition to this. rewind a month or two and watch Hilary Clinton debating IS Iray. Not only does she not get embarrassed, she stands toe to toe and wins points. That’s damaging the glass sky. Not pathetic fallback on rehearsed talking points because can’t actually answer the question. Not thinking that we have recalled a Union General from 1862 for taking over in Afghanistan. Not long pauses to search her memory of the prep work in Arizona. Not blindly repeating falsehoods which in fact have been blown out in the water by Barack Obama when John McCain made an effort to use them a week earlier.

For the moment, maybe the real arguments should stop about increasing or cutting taxes or whether government should be large or small — it in order to focused on whether not really we have government representation that may trust to serve the interest of men and women. Are the leaders we keep electing there to provide the people or independently?

The Iraq war is costing us by one account reasoning better.1 billion a month. The total cost from the war some experts are claiming tend to be over one trillion bucks each month. The American taxpayers have financed this war IS terrorism and certainly will continue to advance this war years software package . is over as we attempt to pay down the debt owed on the nations and the public that lent us the money necessary remain in afloat. Our total outstanding debt currently is nearing 10 trillion dollars.

Supposedly Donald Trumps investment business plan calls for 1 million people to attend the Trump Network within 12 to 18 months and months. Whether this happens or deep discount not remains to be noticed.

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