Paperless Payroll — How To Accomplish It

Payroll processes have definitely evolved over the years. It wasn’t so way back when W-2 forms have been still being typed up on a typewriter, and payroll calculations had been being carried out by hand. Thankfully technology has given payroll staff a lot better options, and payroll can now completely be completely paperless. Listed here are the elements of a payroll resolution that can help your organization process payroll, paper-free.

There are two methods for logging in to the


· Firstly go to to the official webpage of securitas ePay at in order to entry the portal from the popular web browser.

· Now the worker is required to enter his/ her social security quantity (SSN) on the site.

· Then enter the users ID.

· Subsequent the employee have to kind his/ her safety key and after that click on on to the login button.

· Now the employee is enabled to pick the pay stub survey and ready to pick or audit the present or previous information of pay stubs.

· Click on on the sub menu which shall be helping the worker to access the sums payable and it will retailer records.

· The employee have to pick out W-four sub menu.

Dial the quantity 866-604-3729

Login to the account

Enter social security number

Enter default pin

Change your pin whether it is been requested to

Choose the options for the next requests

Reviewing paystub-press 1

Status checking or for a fax request-press four

Change pin-press 5

Menu repeat-press#

name ending-press*

Communicate to purchasers- Press 0

Moreover, another focal motive due to which Securitas ePay has managed to stay on the top is because of their revolutionary concepts to deal with their consumer who has enabled the corporate in providing the most efficient, possible and reasonably priced worker portal companies online. Therefore it’s only Securitas ePay that has provided a simplified worker payroll to all their purchasers without any major hassles that in any other case users must face without the convenience of an internet payroll for their staff.

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