Laboratory Normal & Design Pointers — Stanford Environmental Health & Safety

10. Native exhaust ventilation (e.g., «snorkels» or «elephant trunks»), other than fume hoods, shall be designed to adequately management exposures to hazardous chemicals. An exhausted manifold or manifolds with connections to local exhaust may be provided as needed to gather doubtlessly hazardous exhausts from fuel chromatographs, vacuum pumps, excimer lasers, or different tools which might produce potentially hazardous air pollutants. The contaminant supply needs to be enclosed as much as doable, in line with operational wants, to maximise management effectiveness and decrease air dealing with difficulties and prices.

With the appropriate features, custom lab furniture design tables can introduce organized methods into your science lab. Group promotes productivity and efficiency. No more papers cluttering up a tabletop, no more hunting high and low for a lacking pipette. With a cleaner, clearer workspace, your staff will have the ability to carry out their jobs quicker and with significantly much less stress.

This laminate has all of the features of commonplace black laminate however has outstanding chemical resistance and significantly better wear rating than standard laminate. ChemGuard science tables are glorious worth for highschool chemistry classrooms using a wide range of weaker chemicals and heat sources. In case you want a dual-objective table for lecture and lab experiments, this is an effective match.

All projects have to be reviewed by the Stanford Utilities Department if a brand new connection is made to the sanitary sewer. The College holds a complete permit for the primary campus within the County of Santa Clara boundaries. Separate permits are held for the Medical College areas within the town of Palo Alto boundaries and for «off campus» services. The Stanford Utilities Division Environmental High quality employees should overview all projects involving wet lab construction or renovation. It’s the project’s accountability to provide the knowledge mandatory for obtaining the permits. Sewer connections can’t be made until the building permit documentation has been submitted to the Stanford Utilities Division Environmental High quality staff. The Stanford Utilities Environmental Quality staff will coordinate the evaluate and submittals with the Palo Alto Regional Water High quality Control Plant, as necessary.

— Fume hoods (SEFA 1)

— Installations (SEFA 2)

— Laboratory Work Surfaces (SEFA 3)

— Glossary of Terms (SEFA 4)

— Scope of work (SEFA 5)

— Laboratory & Hospital Fixtures (SEFA 7)

— Laboratory Casework — Metal (SEFA 8M); Phenolic (SEFA 8PH); Plastic Laminate (SEFA 8PL); Polypropylene (SEFA 8P) and Wood (SEFA 8W)

— Ductless Hoods (SEFA 9)

— Adaptable Casework Programs (SEFA 10)

— Liquid Chemical Storage (SEFA 11)

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