Prime 5 Reasons to Use a Staffing Agency

If you’re wondering why you’ll use a staffing agency for short-term or permanent recruiting needs, there are a lot of glorious reasons why you may benefit from their services. This top 5 list addresses essentially the most useful reasons to consider utilizing a brief staffing or everlasting recruitment agency — Liability, Price, Flexibility, Experience & Time.

On with the list!

Liability: When you engage the companies and/or worker of a staffing firm, they don’t seem to be your employee. Due to this fact, you don’t have any liability for his or her workers comp, professional/basic liability, payroll taxes and unemployment claims.

Cost: Although you’ll pay a service charge or hourly mark as much as a staffing/recruiting agency, it’s worthwhile to keep in mind that they’re paying the entire workers comp, professional/common liability insurance, state and federal payroll taxes. Typically this adds as much as about 12% of what the staffing agency pays the employee. So if they are paying someone $15/hour they are paying out $1.eighty on high of that to cover the above talked about bills associated with using that individual, not you. The leftover amount between the pay rate and client bill rate is what the agency makes as profit.

Flexiblity: While you want a brief worker or frankly any employee, there may be quite a lot of expense and time incurred to find the qualified and greatest candidate on your job. If you only want someone for just a few weeks or months, why do this in house when it can be outsourced to an agency that focuses on your type of position and therefore already has the recruitment advertising dollars spent and certified candidates lined up? You are able to make use of the company’s worker as a lot or little as you need and can discontinue their assignment once your work is complete.

Experience: There are staffing agencies and recruiters specializing in any trade or position you possibly can imagine. By working with an agency or recruiter that has a specialty to your type of position, you’ll instantly access the exact talent pool you are attempting to achieve, as well as upping your possibilities of getting the best possible candidate. The time a specialized agency or recruiter will take to fill your position may even be significantly less since they only work with candidates with specific skills sets.

Time: Let’s face it, almost all of us could use a little more time in our days to get more done. Recruiting, screening and hiring a candidate whether momentary or long term takes a significant quantity of advertising dollars and your personal time. When you’re in a bigger company it is simpler to handle momentary or permanent staffing wants because staff have more specialized roles reminiscent of hiring manager or recruiter. Small to Medium sized businesses can benefit essentially the most from engaging the services of a staffing company, since they are typically wearing «many hats» in their current role and may not have the bandwidth to add another task to their day by day activities, especially a significant one resembling recruiting & hiring.

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