The New Era of Magento 2

As India gears up for Digital India, it is becoming more and more lucrative for business owners to take up to e-commerce platforms. While India is seeing a rise in the number of e-commerce takers, the prevalence of e-commerce in India is not as huge as it is in developed nations, mainly due to lack of essential awareness among old business houses. One of the most amazing e-commerce platforms is offered by Magento and it is making waves with its new software product, Magento 2.

Holding onto Magento's old and essential feature of high scalability, the new edition proves to be a success with its increased functionality and greater speed. One of the oldest book business owners of Brazil, Saraiva switched to Magento 2 for their e-commerce platform; doing so has given them 40% more visitors, a conversion rate of 24% which is higher than the global average of 2.54% and a mobile traffic upto 130%

Magento 2 development in India is also expected to rise as it offers the following empowering features in the wake of today's vast market and emerging new technology:

Better Performance- With the increase in online shoppers, better speed had become an issue. With Magento 2, speed of loading page has increased and with a better checkout flow, the new software is all set to create happy customers.

Better Security - Ensure high customer safety by Magento 2's new framework Zend 2 and increased functionality.

Better Marketing- With the extension of MailChimp, one can market products better and keep customers engaged through e-mail.

Better User Experience-While enabling Facebook login for customers and sharing items on WhatsApp and other social media makes the user experience more socially enhancing, the extension allowing users to enter their sizes and thus, find the right size reduces precious browsing time.

Multichannel Management- With the increasing number of popular e-commerce platforms in recent years, it is obviously beneficial to sell items on a central online store as well as other stores such as amazon and ebay. Magento 2 makes it easier for one to manage inventory and sales on multiple stores by putting all details on a single page.

Advanced Customer Segmentization- Since large number of people belonging to a wide variety of demographics are coming online, it is imperative to tap this huge market. Advanced Customer Segmentization makes it easy for a wide variety of users to shop online comfortably and at a faster pace.

Thus, a Magento 1.9 (or older) to 2.0 migration or using Magento 2.0 for a new e-commerce venture will overall prove to be a beneficial bet.

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