Clearstream 4Max — Is it a Scam?

The Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 Max is one of this larger attic/outdoor mount antennas we tested. With its double figure-eight design, the antenna will do finest areas of strong to medium signal strength.

The Clearstream 4 Max is designed to be multi-directional, receiving signals from multiple directions at more or less a similar strength. We found that to be the case. This can be an advantage if you have several local TV transmitters in different directions, but can be a hassle if you live in fringe reception areas where distant signals might be competing on drinks . channel.

Unlike some competing antennas, the Clearstream 4 Max doesn’t come with a built-in signal amp. If you live in somewhere with medium-strength signals, this might be something to attempt to add if the effects are less than you realized.


TechHive tests antennas by performing range of of scans to observe how many channels are were given. Over the course of the scans a pattern emerges and many of us to observe well an antenna pulls in important strong and weak channels on air in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas.

The clearstream 4max indoor/outdoor hdtv antenna — cool training, 4 Max pulled in nine broadcast channels to find a total of 36 digital TV gas stops. There were no stations with a broken signal: It either received at a strong enough level for uninterrupted viewing or it didn’t see the signal within.

Reception was good on UHF an VHF-High bands, which covers the bulk of these methods of broadcast TV inside U.S. The two main figure-eight elements are for UHF reception; a simple dipole (the long tube at the rear) is good VHF-High wedding.

Parts and installation

Antennas Direct supplies a curved mounting pipe known as a J-pole along with a bracket to connect to an attic beam, the side of your house, or are they a flat or pitched rooftop. Also included are sealing pads, which must be used if you’re screwing the antenna into your roof. The pads permit form a seal and forestall rain seeping into home through the screw holes.

The antenna comes a number of large pieces and construction is relatively simple. It only takes about a few minutes to still have all the pieces together all set for installation.

Like other antennas in the class, locate come with coaxial insert. You will have figure out the appropriate length and get your coax cable using a local electronics store or online. Wingnuts are included for easy installation.


The Clearstream 4 Max is a solid, well-built antenna for areas with strong to medium strength TV receipt. The antenna is sensitive and did well in our tests performing just a little below the Winegard Elite 7550, our favorite antenna of this type.

If you’re confident you’re close with transmitter and enjoy strong to very strong signals, save a little bit money and go for your Clearstream 2 Max.

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