Why Clearstream 2Max Is The one Talent You really want

«Go big or go home» could be the motto for Antennas Direct’s ClearStream 2Max HDTV antenna. Its design makes a bold statement, but it also contributes to its capability to lock into signals. The $80 2Max is pricey compared to similar performers, like the $43 Mohu Leaf, but unlike the competition, the ClearStream 2Max is tough enough to pass through outdoor conditions. It’s definitely the best TV antennas we’ve reviewed, and our top pick for indoor/outdoor use.

The 2Max design is bigger plus more ! conspicuous than typical flat indoor antennas that can be stuck to a wall. The ClearStream antenna stands upright like a big figure 8 consists of dipole antenna bars in the back that swing out to the sides and snap into room. The 2Max is rated to pull in stations as far as 60 miles away, and it is a nonamplified antenna, a person don’t have to put it near an electricity outlet.

The package includes a table-top stand, which we used. You can also get a J-mount mast and bracket added onto all the necessary nuts and bolts for outdoor setups. Antennas Direct does not include a coaxial cable to create the connection to your TV; how much cable you need depends on hard installation. (You can find a 50-foot roll of shielded cable for less than $15 online.)


Channels Received: 44

Range: 60 miles

1080p reception: Yes

Cable Length: N/A

Size: 20.25 x 31.5 inches

Performance: Stable Stations

For our tests, we situated the ClearStream 2Max indoors to be able to to gauge its performance from specifically the same position in New York City apartment we use to test other antennas for Tom’s Guide. For the 2Max doesn’t come having a coaxial cable, we used our own shielded, 6-foot cable to hook upward.

A preliminary scan using our test Samsung KS9000 4K TV’s tuner found 56 facilities. In our viewing tests, 44 stations came in clearly an performance. We deemed over and above unwatchable due to the fact signal breakups and distortion.

All for the major network affiliates came in clearly at up to 1080i image resolution. Even the cantankerous ABC affiliate, which could be difficult to capture, was stable and clear. I was also that could enjoy secondary channels, like Movies, had been running a pristine print of Get away from New York. Other channels often prove tricky to tune in, such as the retro game show station Buzzr, came in easily using ClearStream 2Max.

Bottom Line

The clearstream 2max reviews 2Max could win any awards for aesthetics, though it is capable and built to handle outdoor installations. However, if you plan on keeping the antenna indoors, there less expensive models, for instance the Moho Leaf, that perform because well.

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